Mobile Content Delivery
Text Messaging Software For Delivering Ringtones, Wallpapers, & Video

MyMobileMarketingTM ’s content delivery platform provides an easy to use system for any content distributor interested in delivering wallpapers, ringtones, and mobile video.  Mobile content campaigns can be created individually or with a batch upload using our content API.  Content campaigns can be standard or premium rate for generating revenue with premium content distribution. The MyMobileMarketingTM text messaging software and mobile content delivery system supports multiple delivery formats and preferences including:

  • Handset and device detection capabilities
  • MMS (on approved carriers)
  • WAP Push
  • Embedded URL link in a text message
  • Unique content session IDs to detect multiple download attempts
  • Previewing and emailing of content for iPhone users
  • OPPC (Off Portal Purchase Control) double opt-in requirements for AT&T handsets
  • Sending of billable MT after content is successfully downloaded
There are very few content delivery and text mesasging softwaresystems that support the wide range of delivery methods and preferences required by cellular phone carriers. In addition to the existing strong mobile content delivery capability of the MyMobileMarketingTM Platform, even more so is our ability to easily and quickly deploy updates to our pre-existing Delivery routines. The MyMobileMarketingTM mobile marketing platform was developed to address the frequent updates by carrier requirements, delivery issues we may face with older devices, and the non-stop flow of new technology. Our commitment to the Mobile Industry, the MyMobileMarketingTM text messaging software platform, and most importantly our Clients has allowed us to maintain an effective, up to date Delivery experience for your end users.
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