Text Alerts & Notifications
Targeted Text Message Alerts & Notifications To Reach Your Audience

Send targeted text message communications to optin contacts using the MyMobileMarketingTM platform.  The MyMobileMarketingTM mobile messaging platform enables a wide range of communication methods and preferences including:

  • Outbound text alerts
  • Two-way interactive text messaging to optin contacts
  • Segmenting of optin contacts into Target Lists
  • High output text messaging broadcasts to large databases
  • Personalization of text message alerts with unique customer data (first name, last name, city, etc.)
  • Mobile broadcast capabilities to initiate a text broadcast to optin contacts directly from a mobile device
  • Text broadcasts using FTP “Drop & Go” technology for automated processing of custom data files
  • Comprehensive delivery status reports
The MyMobileMarketingTM platform is complimented by a robust suite of products that target additional niche markets such as collections, automotive, real estate, health and medicine.
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